How to Be Impressed by The Little Things He Does Because He Definitely Won’t Do Big Things

Sometimes it may feel like your partner has no idea what you need. You want to be taken care of, but the most he does is acknowledge that you are in fact dating. But while changing someone else is hard, changing your perspective is less hard! Here is how you can be impressed with those little things he does because there is no way he will do anything big for you.


Realize He Could Do Literally Nothing

It’s a huge red flag that you’ve been seeing each other for five months and he’s never planned a date, but have you ever considered that he could be doing even less? If you really think about it, it’s actually pretty amazing that he told you he was hungry and “could eat” in the first place! Sure you’ve chosen a restaurant, made the reservation, and picked up the entire tab on numerous occasions, but he could have not asked you out at all! Wow. What a nice sign of affection you can emotionally thrive off of for a few days. Impressive!


Be Impressed He Knows One Fact About You

When an important event in your life comes up, he always does the bare minimum. On your birthday he got you some flowers he “found at a gas station,” but he did remember you like flowers which is more than nothing! They weren’t roses (your favorite) but at least they also weren’t daffodils, which you’re allergic to. So it’s sweet that he remembered that one fact about you! Was it a fluke? Maybe, but let’s pretend it wasn’t because you could have gotten a terrible rash. So thoughtful!


Acknowledge That at Least He’s Not Playing ‘Madden’ Right Now

He’s probably not listening to a word you’re saying as you delve into a crazy work story while cuddling on the couch. But he’s also not playing Madden which is a huge step forward. It at least feels like he cares! He may be thinking about his fantasy football league, and texting his friends, but still. He’s growing, maybe!



Read Into It and Make Yourself Believe It’s a Big Thing

Did he lock the door to your apartment before you guys went to bed? If yes, then WOW! Really lean into this and take it extremely seriously. It seems like he wants to protect you and take care of your safety. That’s so adorable and sounds like he might want to settle down and have kids. Congrats girl, this could be huge. Unless it’s just a habit because people lock doors. Either way, he’s thinking ahead and understands how doors work – good boy!!


It really is the little things that count. And even though your man won’t pick you up from the airport, meet your family, or say “I love you,” at least he did agree that “yeah, we’re dating.” Success!