How to Ask Your Boss if Your Chucky Impression Is Any Good

No one wants to rub their boss the wrong way, which is why you have to be careful when you approach yours about an issue that’s important to you, like if your Chucky impression still needs some work or if it’s pretty solid as-is. Here’s how to ask your boss a pressing question like this in the most respectful and polite way possible.


Ask if they’re busy.

You don’t want to disturb your employer at the wrong time and hurt the quality of their criticism, so make sure that it’s a good time by asking them if they’re busy, even if they seem to be free. If you need to, make a Google calendar event titled “Thing I need to talk to you about.” Be sure that when the time comes, your boss can focus entirely on you and your imitation of Chucky’s funny but horrifying voice.


Make sure they’re familiar with the Chucky franchise.

Instead of barreling into your finely tuned impression of Chucky, make sure that your boss already knows what he sounds like, or else how are they going to give you the feedback that you so desperately need? Once you’ve confirmed that they’ve seen at least one of the Chucky movies, you can move ahead to the next step.



Let it rip.

After making all the necessary introductions, go ahead and do your best stab at Chucky, maybe saying something like “Hi, I’m Chucky. Wanna Play?” or “Presto! You’re Dead!” But if your boss tells you that your Chucky impression is lacking in some areas, remember to accept their notes graciously, and let them know that you’ll do better next time.


If you’ve been working up the courage to finally show your boss your Chucky impression, but you’re afraid of what they might say, try out these tips to confidently show them how valuable your impression is, while also being open to their honest evaluation. Good luck, and get ready for that promotion!