How I Reclaimed the Word ‘Cunt’ By Being One

For too long, the word “cunt” has been a total taboo, often thought to be too harsh or horrible to describe women with, but not anymore. I took it in my own hands to reclaim the word cunt by being the cuntiest cunt there ever was, and I’m proud to say it worked.


You’re welcome, world.


The word cunt, while avoided heavily in even the edgiest media, needs to be normalized. To do this, I would display cunty behavior conspicuously and often, making it so hard for people to label me as anything other than a cunt. Will someone really call the woman who is yelling at the workplace and making everyone deal with her anger just a “bitch”? I don’t think so, and they sure as hell didn’t.



The key move was angry, loud, almost unforgivable moments of unhinged behavior that made everyone around me miserable. When an intern got my order coffee order wrong, I called them a pathetic waste of space and spat in their face a little bit. When a coworker would mess up, I would laugh and ramble about how disappointing they must be to their parents, and finish off with how I would never do something like that, all in front of our boss. In no time, I was being called a cunt left and right, and I loved it. Finally, people around me were no longer afraid to use the word.


I utilized this technique in other areas of my life as well. I’ve been a cunt to my husband, a cunt to my mom, and a cunt to the neighbor’s kids. I’ve marveled at how easily the word is able to reenter people’s vocabulary when given the right opportunity to use it. I’m changing English linguistics singlehandedly, one cunty outburst at a time.


A termination and a few couples counseling sessions later, I have had to deal with the aftermath of my brave endeavor to reclaim the word “cunt”. But that’s okay, because I was ready to make that sacrifice for all the other cunts out there who just want to say the word cunt, too. Next up: cum dumpster!