How I Explore the Duality of Man by Being a Bitch Sometimes and Then Other Times Not

I’m someone who’s all about balance and exploring higher consciousness. I believe that one way we could all become a little more empowered is by being a huge bitch sometimes and then other times not.


We each have good and evil inside of ourselves and that’s why I explore the duality of my inner self and man as a whole just by being a massive, massive bitch and then doing the opposite sometimes. It’s as simple as complaining when stores won’t accept your expired coupons or even demanding your blouses can be returned without a receipt. Anyone can do it and I truly believe this. The key is balance.


One way I’ll do this is by going to brunch and causing quite the fuss when they don’t have the specific brand of raspberry sweet tea that I want. Every so often I’ll even call my bank’s customer service line just to inquire about my balance and then berate the employee who told it to me, no matter what the numbers say. And then sometimes I smile at a child. It’s during moments like these that my kindness and selflessness know no bounds. Humans are filled with contradictions.



If I was a bitch all the time, no one would want to be around me, but if I wasn’t bitchy at least some of the time, no one would respect me. And by tipping service workers in kind of a random way depending on how I feel, I get to explore all the possibilities of human behavior and its intricacies. It’s a win-win situation for the universe.


A wise man once said that there are two wolves fighting inside of us and whichever we feed will become stronger. Well, one of mine is a bitch and one isn’t, and I fully intend upon feeding both of those little guys, regardless of who they put in the hospital.