How Getting 8 Hours of Sleep Gave Me The Energy to Overcommit Again

Sleep deprivation can leave you feeling burnt out and drained, especially when you’re regularly working long days plugged into technology at all hours of the night. That’s why I took a break from the grind to get one full night’s sleep, and now I’m finally ready to return to overscheduling myself until I inevitably crash again.


After getting eight hours of consecutive sleep one time, I’m excited to resume waking up at dawn for spin class before an over-caffeinated breakfast meeting followed by an endless workday before I teach my night class and check emails in bed until 2 or 3 AM, followed by one or two hours of worrying about what might happen the next day. There’s just nothing like a singular night of restful sleep!


I’m so refreshed that I’m fully ready to go back to exhausting myself until I nearly collapse.


After just sleeping one full night for once in my life, I woke up with less defined circles under my eyes, and an unfamiliar lack of buzzing in my ears. I immediately wanted to march my peppy self back to the office and work until I couldn’t focus my eyes on the words on my screen anymore. It was so great!


Getting a good night’s sleep also helps curb cravings, so you’re less inclined to reach for starchy treats, or a 3pm latte. So I used my newly rested state to power through the day naturally, before binging on chocolate and coffee around 9pm so that I could work through the night before entering a fugue state and taking a quick power nap before the morning staff meeting.



My newfound sleep health has changed the way I manage my team as well. Just yesterday I told my assistant to go home early and get a good night’s sleep – because I wanted her to work through the weekend with me on a new project.


It’s true what they say: You don’t realize how tired you are until you give yourself a chance to refuel and recharge. Just like our iPhones, we need to be plugged in at night so we can power on in the morning and remain running forever, every minute of the day, and well into the evening until your body eventually just gives up altogether.


So reader, I implore you – get some rest! You’ll be better for it and you can return to your life of never resting.