Hottest Looks For Your Children’s End-of-Year Band Concerts

band - reductress

If you’re a mom, all that stands between you and summertime are your kids’ class picnics, field trips, final exams, and most of all: end-of-year band concerts. Just because your kids are in the spotlight doesn’t mean you can’t steal the show with a chic, sexy outfit. Freshen up that stifling auditorium with one of these sensual looks:


1. “Hot Cross Buns”

Your daughter and her peers are just starting their musical journeys performing incomprehensible three-note arrangements. Look your best when giving her a thumbs-up in a pair of short-shorts and a halter-top. Are your shorts even long enough to meet school dress code? No. But hey, this event takes place after school hours and is alcohol-free, so it wouldn’t hurt anyone to give the dads something to look at, and also ruin your child’s big day.


2. “Oom-Pah-Pah”

Your son’s high school band is playing a risqué song from Oliver, so don a low-cut number to show off your own oom-pah-pahs. He will be so embarrassed that he will actually have to quit the band after this show. Looks like you won’t have to worry about carting him to and from rehearsal next year! The only drawback: He won’t be getting that marching band scholarship any longer.


3. “The Music of the Night”

Get inspired by this school orchestra classic from the sexually charged, Phantom of the Opera. Imagine you’re Christine by wearing a dramatic, corseted getup. Sitting and listening to hours of musical theater standards will not work in this outfit, but if you stand for the entire performance, you’ll hog even more attention.


4. “Glee”

Many school bandleaders are having kids play mash-ups of hit songs, like you’ve heard in the show Glee. So, mash up some of your own sexy styles for a look that will turn heads. Those heels that seem too high to wear? The push-up bra that makes your breasts look a little too large? That romper that you originally bought for your daughter but decided to keep when it didn’t fit her? Put them together in an ensemble that screams: “I’m totally ready for the middle school band recital!”


Never miss an opportunity to look hot – even at the cost of your children’s feelings, or your own ability to film a performance. These tricks will also work for graduation when accessorized with your brightest sunglasses or sun hat.