Help Him Buy The Perfect Heart-shaped Necklace For His Girlfriend You Hate

Necklace - Reductress

Men rely on their savvy, platonic female counterparts for relationship advice and support – especially when it comes to finding the perfect piece of jewelry for his significant other. But when he solicits your help buying jewelry for his girlfriend who is the worst, many of us are stumped. Fear not, helpful shoppers, we’ve curated the ultimate guide to help him buy the perfect heart-shaped necklace for his girlfriend you hate!


Make it BIG!
Girls love big gestures, so the right heart-shaped necklace for his girlfriend you hate should really make a statement. The bigger the necklace, the bigger her eyes will get when she unwraps this heart-shaped number, and the bigger thanks you’ll get for your services. Here’s hoping he’ll realize what good taste you have and dump her because she just isn’t good for him.


Get Him A Deal
Heart-shaped necklaces are extremely underrated gifts for your friend’s girlfriend you don’t like, which means you can get her a great one for a steal. Help him dig up a winner from the 99 cent store, or snag a chic plastic number from a mall outlet for under $5. Want to one-up a good deal? Get him one for free! Dig up that gem from your 12th birthday party gift bag and let your friend re-gift at no cost. He’ll save money, and you’ll save the day when he realizes she’ll basically put ANYTHING on her neck. You get what I mean?



Cater to Her Tastes
When picking out the best heart-shaped necklace for his girlfriend you don’t like, make sure to cater to her shitty tastes. Shopping for a Diva? Add rhinestones! A fake wench? Plastic! A Stage 5 Clinger? A 2-in-1 Best Friends necklace will leave her reading into this for months until he eventually dumps her because you’re the real catch after all.


When picking out the perfect heart-shaped necklace for his girlfriend you hate, just remember that you really can’t go wrong! At the end of the day, a gift like this will add heart – big, plastic, gawdy, heart – to any relationship, making sure his girl you hate gets the gift she deserves.