Heartwarming! This Couple Bantered With Their Waitress So Much She Died

Earlier this week, Roger and Shirley Kwan had a heartwarming interaction while dining at Liuzza’s by the Track. Unlike customers who don’t seek to establish a rapport with their server, the Kwans bantered with their waitress so much she died.


“The great thing about Liuzza’s is that it’s a neighborhood restaurant,” says Shirley Kuo. “Everybody’s so friendly! You can chat with your waitress and just have a great back-and-forth with her until she literally dies, because you’re stressing her out so much.”


In a world where many people prefer staring silently at their phones to human interaction, Liuzza’s offers a return to how things used to be: real, quality interaction with your servers that goes on for so long they die.


“I come back to this place a lot because the service feels really personal,” says Roger Kwan. “I love talking to the waitstaff whenever I’m dining out. It feels great to treat them like real human beings you can demand attention from until they combust on site from the effort.”


The particular waitress in question, Sylvie Eskridge, was only 25 years old when she died due to extensive, exhausting banter with customers. Her family mourns her passing, but are proud of their daughter’s commitment to great customer service.


“It’s what she would have wanted,” says Martha Eskridge, Sylvie’s mother. “Sylvie had a real passion for giving restaurant guests the best dining experience possible. If there’s one way we always imagined she would die, it’s from forcing a bit with customers so hard she passed away.”



Restaurant-goers were touched when Eskridge collapsed on the spot. She had been clearing the Kwan’s table when they gestured to their empty dishes and shouted, “Ha ha, ugh! It was horrible. We hated it!”


“Sylvie went right along with our joke, she was such a great waitress,” says Shirley Kwan, “If she hadn’t cackled at our joke so hard that she went into cardiac arrest, we would have written her a great Yelp review.”


A memorial has been erected to Eskridge on the exact location where she fell down and died. It reads, “She died as she lived: laughing way too hard at banter that’s not even good.” A candlelit service will be held for her tomorrow evening at Liuzza’s.