Healthy Meals to Scrape Together With the Few Groceries Your Roommate Hasn’t Clandestinely Eaten Yet

Living with other people can really suck sometimes, especially when they keep secretly eating all of your groceries instead of just buying their own. But don’t fret! Here are some healthy meals you can scrape together with the paltry remains of the groceries that your roommate hasn’t clandestinely eaten yet.


Half a sandwich and a few sips of soup.

Make something classic, like the iconic soup and sandwich. Take the one slice of bread your roommate has left you with as a courtesy, even though the truly courteous thing would have been for her to not eat your bread to begin with, and cut it in half. Fill it with your favorite remaining deli meats, cheese nubs and thin spreads and dip it into the few sips of soup that your roommate hasn’t finished. Voila! A healthy meal from a bare fridge.


A single falafel, some pita chip crumbs and a spoonful of hummus.

Try making a deconstructed pita pocket by coating the single falafel your roommate hasn’t already consumed in about one tablespoon of the hummus you have left and roll it in what are now your pita chip crumbs. Loaded with fiber and protein in full servings, it’ll keep your belly almost full even though your side of the fridge is empty! Add some crunch by eating it with a slice from the ¼ of a cucumber remaining in the crisper. Delicious and nutritious!


One-egg omelette.

For a healthful meal, try preparing a one-egg omelette! Mix your one remaining egg with a tiny bit of milk, because that’s all your roommate decided to leave you with. Throw in the sparse remnants of your brand new bag of frozen veggies and the two pinches of shredded cheese that she hasn’t already used. Add the two strawberries left in the carton you just bought as a tasty side. It’s breakfast for dinner! Your tastebuds will briefly thank you, but your roommate definitely won’t.



A handful of granola and the last of your almond milk.

You originally bought the granola to put on your yogurt, and you originally bought the almond milk to put on your cereal. But your roommate has eaten all of both, so why not try combining what she didn’t manage to eat? Put the very little remaining granola into a bowl and cover it with the last of your almond milk. A quick bowl of cereal isn’t really a meal, but it’ll tide you over until you can get back to the grocery store for the second time this week!


When you have a roommate who unabashedly eats your groceries in secret, feeding yourself can get tricky. With these easy and healthy meals, you’ll be able to survive on the rations of the groceries that your roommate decided not to eat!