Great, Sick Friend Still Coming On This Road Trip

Today, in a shocking turn of events, your sick friend Sarah has announced that yep, she will still be coming on this girls trip to Palm Springs.


“I was going to stay home,” says Sarah. “But then I was like, I’m not going to let a little case of the flu keep me from having the best weekend ever!”


Sarah brought her own box of tissues and a plastic bag, presumably so she won’t be a bother to anyone while she blows her nose, again and again, in the car you’re all sitting in for three hours.


“Great,” you said. “That’s just really, really great. Thank you Sarah.”


She has also requested to sit in the front seat so she “has her own space,” adding that she’s really not contagious at this point, so it won’t be a big deal when the A/C blows her sick air all over you.


Yeah, okay, great!


Kristin, another friend coming on this long awaited weekend getaway, attempted to dissuade Sarah from joining the group.


“This trip’s really not a big deal,” said Kristin. “Why don’t you take care of yourself and come with us next time?”



But Sarah, ugh, was adamant about sticking to her plan.


“Oh my god you are so sweet,” she said. “But no.”


To avoid spreading her sickness, Sarah intends to take a whole queen-sized bed to herself, forcing one friend to sleep on a couch. She also plans on implementing some “quiet time” before the evening’s activities so she can try to sleep off her fever.


Everyone in your friend group is especially concerned that going out and drinking will negatively impact Sarah’s health.


“Oh I don’t plan on drinking,” says Sarah. “I’m just excited to sweat out those toxins on the dance floor. Although I might sneak a sip from someone’s cocktail. Don’t tell! I’m still technically contagious haha.”


Despite the setback, your friends all report that they intend on having a good time. Sarah, meanwhile, appears to be dead-set on contracting bilateral pneumonia.