Goals! This Woman is About to Live Through a Civil War Just Like Her Favorite ‘Little Women’ Character

Talk about goals! Kristy Hamilton of Kenosha, WI has no idea she is mere days from living through an American civil war, just like Beth, her favorite character from Little Women.


“I’ve always been fascinated by Beth,” says Kristy, about the only one who dies in Little Women. “I wish I could be like her and have all of my big sisters sharing a house with me.”


Kristy has no fucking clue that she will be doing exactly that, but not for the reasons she thinks!


“I’m also a total introvert,” says Kristy. “I just want to be locked in a room, playing piano alone for basically the rest of my life!”



It’s crazy to think Kristy doesn’t even know that she’ll even catch Scarlet Fever due to the of society caused a deterioration in overall public health – and because she was never vaccinated!


Kristy remains fascinated with the time period that saw over 618,000 deaths in a grisly civil war in a bloody fight for the soul of a nation.


“I just want to live like it’s the 1800s, you know?” Kristy added. “LOL, I’m so trivial!”