Glam Midi Rings That Will Stay Put When You Masturbate

Sometimes, it’s hard to juggle being both stylish and masturbating. Midi rings are all the rage these days, but as we fashion-and-sex fiends know all too well, they can easily get stuck. We scoured the web for the hottest midi rings that won’t fall off and get lost when you get hot and bothered. After all, no one can see how chic your midi ring is when it’s stuck in your vagina!


Image 1

Eight Above-the-Knuckle Rings (Etsy, $25)

Getting ready for football season? Thinking about how hot Tom Brady is now that he is not only a star athlete but a part of a cheating conspiracy? What a rebel hunk! These midi rings won’t get lost when you are playing a solo game of Deflategate.


Image 2

Stacked Ring Set (Urban Outfitters, $16)

These midi rings are so stylish you won’t be able to wait until you get home to stick them up your snatch. Feel free to masturbate in the Urban Outfitters dressing room after putting on these midis


Image 3

Silver Stacking Ring (luulla, $18) (See Image 3)

Remember that threesome you had with your boyfriend and his buddy Jackson last year to spice things up? This trio of midi rings will remind you of that OTHER special intimate trio. None of these rings will fall off, not even while you’re thinking about how much hotter his friend was.



Image 4

LC Lauren Conrad Gold Tone “Love” Midi Ring (Kohls, $8.40)

It seems like everyone you know is getting engaged. Engagement rings are definitely not masturbation-proof. They don’t need to be; they’re getting someone to do the work for them for the rest of their life! This love midi ring is perfect for proponents of self-love who love looking good.


Image 5

Me and Zena Amethyst Stone Midi Ring (ASOS, $14.33)

Has it been a while since you got any? Thinking about Derek, that guy you hooked up with in the sex tent at Burning Man? Derek was probably the best you will ever have and definitely the only last you’ll hook up with a professional wake boarder. This midi ring will stay on tight when you furiously masturbate thinking about how perfect his dick was.



image 6

Infinitine Gold Baby Knuckle Ring (Amazon, $9.99)

Rest assured, these cute cat midi rings are totally pussy friendly! :-)


This rings may go on halfway, but they’ll stay put till you’re all the way there!