Fun Made-up Holidays You Should be Celebrating

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At this point, we’re all aware of Talk Like a Pirate Day and IHOP’s National Pancake day, but what other made up holidays are out there? See the list below for ones you may be missing out on.


Broccoli Watch Day – January 24th
Participants strap a piece of broccoli to their wrist, in the guise of a watch, constantly consulting each other on what time it is. The proper response is always, “it’s Broccoli O’clock!” This holiday was originally created by the Broccoli Growers Association of America in 2011.


Crouch Like a Mollusk Day – March 3rd
Get down on the ground and stay still, just like your favorite snail or other mollusk. “It’s really about the peacefulness that mollusks embody,” says founder, and author of the Crouch Like a Mollusk blog, Dara Bergen.


Metal Plate in Head Day – April 29th
This holiday, founded in St. Louis in 1983, was originally intended to gain awareness for victims of head trauma, and help them make light of their plight. The holiday has since grown to include a local festival, with a competition for most creative tin foil “metal plate” headwear.


International Horse Pun Day – May 15th
A few “neigh-sayers” inspired a small community in Kentucky to found International Horse Pun Day, where cowboys and girls alike engage in competitive horse pun-making, and ends with the shooting of maimed horses from the past year’s racing season.


Pee in the Woods Day – June 23rd
Some people just love peeing outdoors and this is the one day of the year they make sure they do it.


Dance Like No One’s Watching Day – September 5th
The “movement for brave living” pioneered this holiday as a way to empower people to dance more openly. Dance parties are held in 27 cities and counting across the U.S.



Chocolate Pineapple Banana Bread Day – September 18th
Lovers of this recipe love this holiday! Some participants are known to bake up to a hundred loaves for their communities.


Water Bottle Day – November 9th
Celebrate water and bottles by proudly using a water bottle on this day!


Hug a Girl with Lupus Day – December 11th
People with Lupus have it rough, especially if they’re female! Take some time on this day to find a girl with Lupus and give her a big old hug – she deserves it!