Friend Who Shares Racist Views Enthusiastically ‘Not Racist’

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Despite sharing many seemingly racist views via her Facebook page, Dakota Whitman, of Indiana is emphatic that she is “not racist.”


“Every time an unarmed black man is killed by cops, she calls him a ‘thug,’” says Facebook friend Deborah Herman. “I reminded her that she’s been guilty of marijuana possession and once got in a fistfight at a Pacers game, but she doesn’t seem to see the disconnect.”


Whitman posts a racist meme on her wall related to immigration at least once a week. “The joke about illegals had an image of a monkey because of how they behave,” says Whitman, when questioned about the post. “It has nothing to do with race.”


“I told her that I’m an immigrant and she said that it was different because I’m obviously a ‘nice person,’” said Maggie Wallace, a transplant from Canada.


Whitman, who dropped out of Ivy Tech Community College because she “didn’t like the food” and who receives disability payments due to her severe allergies, contends that minorities are getting unfair advantages in society through education and welfare programs, and that they should work harder.


Whitman’s preternatural ability to agree with every racist opinion she comes across has not prevented her from continuing to claim that she is not racist.


“It’s about good vs. evil, and a certain type of person just isn’t good.”