Five Movies You Shouldn’t Bring Up During Sex

When you’re in the middle of having sex, the worst thing that can happen is an awkward silence. Your mind races as you try to think of a new subject that you both talk about. Everybody loves movies! But which movie do you talk about? Pump the brakes, because you can’t just mention ANY movie. One boner-killing reference has the power to assassinate his throbbing sex drive altogether. Here is a list of five movies that you definitely shouldn’t bring up:


Sleeping With the Enemy
You wouldn’t think that this movie about Julia Roberts being held captive by her psycho husband would obliterate his erection, but the sterility of her all-glass house combined with a 22% rating on Rotten Tomatoes is a real buzzkill, so don’t bring it up.


Single White Female
Unless you want to be a single white female after you leave his apartment tonight, avoid creeping him out by talking about Bridget Fonda’s pixie cut in this erotic thriller.


If you remind him of when Kathy Bates kidnapped James Caan, strapped him to a bed, forced him to rewrite a novel with an ending to her liking, and then broke both of his ankles, he will pull out of your beaver and lock himself in the bathroom forever.



Schindler’s List
But wait, there’s a sex scene, right? It’s short. But he isn’t Jewish though, is he? It doesn’t matter. This one should be obvious.


Girl, Interrupted
You’ve probably already pulled some shit that made him think you were a little crazy, but he still finds you disarming since you talk to him about your painful childhood memories while he’s mid-thrust. If you throw this Oscar-winning drama into the mix, he’ll definitely interrupt your night by taking a long sigh, getting up and going to the bathroom to take a cold shower by himself.


If you’re doing the deed and wondering, “What movies should I talk about?” Just ask him what movies he likes and let him talk about them until he comes.