Fall’s Coziest Lounging Positions

Relaxing: Are you Doing It Wrong?
Peaceful, casual at-home lounging—it’s truly one of womanhood’s richest pleasures. But does your lounge style really work for Autumn 2013? Are incorrect leg placement and a dearth of alpaca wool preventing you from achieving the cozy tranquility that you deserve? Check out our handy guide for help.

1. The Woolly Embrace

Improper texture in loungewear and accessories can change a tranquil experience into something utterly harrowing. For this position, swath yourself in as many textures of wool as your body weight can support. Heavy cable knit sweaters, wool socks, cashmere throws and an alpaca hat will cradle you in soothing softness. If your spine begins to buckle under the weight of all that wool, simply remove an item and stare at it—texture for the eyes!


2. The Earth Mother

Earth tones are a key feature of fall lounging. Lay on your back on a camel colored sofa, wrapped tightly in a cream colored throw. Be sure that your body and eyes make contact only with colors named after things in the natural world. Key players this season are stone, slate, earth, fawn, camel, bran, wheat, chaff, dust and copper deposit.

3. The Chrysalis

Take an enormous blanket and wrap it around your body until you resemble an authentic woolen taquito. Curl your body into the fetal position on the soft bed, couch, dog bed, or carpet of your choosing. Remain until spring.