Fall Layering Tips That Triple the Price of Your Wardrobe

Fall is here and you know what that means: pumpkin spice everything, crisp coffee sipping weather, and a daily layered outfit that includes enough buttonable pieces to last you an entire month in Vermont. As we all know, layers are essential for autumn. Cool fall mornings are met with warmer afternoons and circle back to freezing nights. But more importantly, layers divide and flatter your silhouette while making your outfit look expensive and you look great! Having enough items to comfortably juggle outdoor weather, your office thermostat, and your fashion concerns will be a financial nightmare that’s so worth the reward. Here’s how to get the layered look!


Pick a base layer.

Choosing your base layer is key. Start simple so that whatever layer direction you decide to go with will work easily with the next two to nine additional layers. Find options that work with your favorite pair of jeans to kickstart your ensemble. This is the perfect opportunity to splurge on that classic white t-shirt you’ve been dreaming of—but make sure to pick up crew neck, v-neck, cowl neck, ballet neck, and turtleneck options just to make sure you’ve covered your bases for all future layering endeavors! Comfort is king, so don’t scrimp on quality.


Pick a base layer for under your base layer.

Let’s get real for a second. You can never be too safe when it comes to fall layering and nothing goes better with those classic blue jeans than a reliable pair of long underwear that will also look good in a snuggling selfie at the end of the day, when you de-layer. These are always a failsafe investment. Go for it!



Consider every possible kind of weather, then plan accordingly.

Hurricanes. Tornados. Snow. Wind. Rain. Solar Flares. Hail. Snow. Global warming. El Niño. Layering is the perfect solution for tricky weather, an unavoidable reality of the fall season. When shopping for your new fall leather jacket, remember that it should be fitted to accentuate your curves, but also roomy enough to simultaneously accommodate a super soft, long-sleeve sweater, a cardigan, and at least one tech vest underneath. You’ll also want a wide-brim felt hat just in case it starts hailing on your two-block walk from the train to your office. You never know!


Ask yourself: “How many things can I fit around my neck?”

Accessories can completely change the way you look at the world as well as the way the world looks at you—and there’s never too many ways to be at one time. When shopping for and working with layers, seek out statement jewelry to enhance any outfit. Revealing these awesome accoutrements to the world will be like uncovering gold after the process of removing your silk neutral-tone pashmina, patterned infinity scarf, casual vintage stole, and your organic wool beanie once you enter your workplace or local coffee joint. Just make sure to stop right before you suffocate!



Completely transform at midday.

Can’t decide on a perfectly layered outfit because you now have so many options? Don’t settle for just one. Completely changing your outfit in the middle of the day creates a vibrancy and spontaneity that everyone will appreciate. Fall is a season of change and that should be an inspiration to everyone interested in perfecting their layering skills. The only thing better than seven outfits of 78 singular pieces a week is fourteen outfits of 156 pieces a week, even if it means taking out another mortgage or engaging in light sex work. You are worth it!


Shoes. SHOES.

Is it possible to wear two pairs of shoes at once? Sure it is. If you can’t manage that (for whatever reason), create the illusion buy cutting the tongue out of one pair of shoes and stuff those into another pair of shoes for a cute peekaboo effect. But really, why can’t you figure out how to wear two shoes at once? You dumb?


Stay cozy and chic this fall and get layering!