Exasperated Toddler Lets Mom Watch Same Oscar Isaac Videos on Repeat

After yet another temper tantrum, fed up three-year-old Calvin Terry finally gave in and let his 32-year-old mom watch Inside Llewelyn Davis for the sixth time in two days. 


“Most days, she comes home from work irritable and cranky,” Calvin says. “I tried everything – I gave her Lara bars, her wine bottle, but nothing seemed to work. An Oscar Isaac movie is the only thing that calms her down.”



In fact, Calvin’s mom acts out all the time – job stress, feeling burned out, not enough time to fit in her morning Peloton class – everything is a catalyst these days.


“Last week Chipotle didn’t give her enough guacamole in her burrito bowl and when I asked her about it, she cried,” Calvin said. “So I put on Dune and she finally settled down.”


“I’ve obviously heard of and was warned about the terrible thirty-twos. But to actually experience it first hand is something else,” Calvin adds. “It lives up to its name. Also I don’t have any help; I’m an only child.”


That’s not the only worry Calvin has about his mom. Many doctors say that excessive screen time isn’t healthy. 


“I worry about too much screen time. I know her tricenarian brain is still developing and I don’t want it to affect her later on,” he said. “I feel guilty giving her the iPad and putting on Ex Machina but if I want to get any of my puzzles done, I need some time to myself.”


Play dates with her friends aren’t helpful either because, “they just sit around and watch Scenes from a Marriage and drink their bottles. My bedtime is 7 p.m., so lord knows what she does after I go to sleep.”


Calvin tries to maintain positivity through the ups and downs of parent-rearing. 


“I try not to get too overwhelmed, though. I know it’s just a phase and it could be much, much worse. I have a friend whose mom only wants to watch Bill Maher videos. Thank God that isn’t me.”