Enrollment Low in Kelly Rowland Course

Kelly Rowland Course

While the “Polticizing Beyoncé” course at Rutgers University may be the most one of the most popular classes in the school’s history, a course about the Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland is having surprisingly less success. “Politicizing Kelly” is not quite catching on in the way Professor Linda Carmichael of Villanova University was hoping it would. “Whereas the Beyoncé course caused a great deal of excitement over at Rutgers, most students have been asking which Kelly I am referring to. When I say Kelly Rowland, they just stare blankly,” said Carmichael.
“But please, give it a chance! She’s an underrated performer.”
Topics in the course syllabus are: “The Destiny’s Child Years – There From the Beginning and Never Kicked Out!,” “Kelly, The Thespian: Analysis of Her Performances in Freddy vs. Jason (2003) and The Seat Filler (2004),” “Solo Music,” “Judging for The X-Factor: B-List Heaven or Hell?” and an entire unit on her 2002 collaboration with Nelly entitled, “Gender Roles & Relationships Explored in the Single, ‘Dilemma’- Can Women Have a ‘Boo’ and a Side Piece, Too?”

While enrollment for the course is not nearly as high as Beyoncé’s, those who are in Carmichael’s class do seem to be enjoying it. Undeclared freshman Hannah Jacobs added, “Beyoncé’s just like my sister, Rachel. It’s always about her. I’ve hade enough of that!”
When asked if she will teach the class in the future, Professor Carmichael stated, “I’m not sure. Unless there is any talk of her reuniting with Beyoncé? That would really help.”