Elle Fanning Has An Amazing New Pumice Stone

Elle Fanning has done it again. The eighteen-year-old star of The Neon Demon was spotted at a Beverly Hills Bergdorf Goodman on Saturday buying a La Mer pumice stone sculpted to look like a macaron. Fanning, whose delicate features and preternatural ability to fully inhabit her roles is now stunning onlookers with none other than her pumice stone.


The talented young actress wore a 70’s inspired off-the-shoulder orange sundress as she perused the store and settled on the remarkable exfoliant. The ethereal starlet, who at eighteen has already worked with J.J. Abrams, Cameron Crowe, Sophia Coppola, Nicholas Winding Refyn, and David Fincher, goddammit, strolled leisurely back to her car, presumably headed home to try out the new callous-remover. The fresh-faced Hollywood It-girl, sporting a peach matte lipstick, seemed almost one-of-us while making the seemingly down-to-earth purchase. Wow!


Could Elle Fanning’s new foot smoothing habit be the beginning of resurgence in this old trend? When asked about the purchase, Carla Calderon, the clerk who sold Fanning the stone remarked, “Yeah, I guess more people might start buying these. They work pretty well.”



Later in the afternoon Elle Fanning was seen buying a bottled Coke Zero. When reached for comment, Coca-Cola representative Tatum Fellinger said, “Oh, we should get somebody to tweet that.”


Elle Fanning can be seen later this year in 20th Century Women alongside Annette Benning and Greta Gerwig, neither of whom is known to own a pumice stone.