Angelina Won’t Let Kids Go to Brad’s New Pad, Calls It ‘Hot Dog Den’


After 12 years together, Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from husband Brad Pitt. According to her lawyer, the decision was done for the health of the family, but those close to Brangelina know of deeper problems brewing beneath the surface.


“People say it’s because of an affair with Marion Cotillard, but in truth it has much more to do with Brad’s parenting style,” a source close to the couple reveals. “That is to say, wow, Brad would feed the children nothing but microwaved hot dogs.”


Despite Angie’s insistence that her kids have a well-balanced diet, Brad would often feed the children several consecutive meals consisting of only hot dogs.



“He’d protest that he didn’t really know how to cook, and that with six kids and six hot dogs per pack, this was the only way he knew how to feed them,” a friend of the family told us exclusively. “But, yeah, something was definitely up there.”


Now Ang won’t allow the kids to visit Brad’s new pad, calling it a “hot dog den” full of “hot dog mountains” meant only for “hot dog behavior.”


His obsession has been especially hard on Shiloh, 10, who is now scared of the fridge.


“Brad always likes to say ‘a hot dog a day keeps the devil away,’” a former nanny says, shaking her head. “But I think the hot dogs are getting to his brain.”


A friend of Jolie, who asks to remain anonymous, says that her kids come first and that’s why she’s asked for full physical custody.


“She loved Brad for a long time, but she loves her kids more,” the friend says. “And she’s not about to let the kids drown in his hot dog den.”