Eat 5 Small Meals A Day From Food That Fell Into Your Bra

For decades, American women have searched high and low for a manageable diet that gets results. So instead of eating two or three large meals daily, one way to regulate your metabolism is by eating five smaller meals from the crumbs that fall into your bra. Here’s how to make this easy and economical diet work for you:


Wear The Right Bra Size

A well-fitting bra has always been important, both for increasing your confidence and for catching crumbs! Get professionally measured so you can get the best-fitting slot for your food to accidentally fall into. For more bosom-challenged women, go up in cup size to create a few roomy pockets for your small meals to be preserved. For the stacked ladies, go down one band size to keep your food warm and secure.


Don’t Ignore Your Vegetables

Everybody knows “green means lean,” so don’t neglect all the veggies that slipped off your burger and into your bra at lunch. They will make the perfect low-cal, mid-afternoon treat for later! Clean plate and clean boobs? This diet is going great!


Go Nuts On Donuts!

Calories you ingest earlier in the day are more likely to get burned off, so go ahead and treat yourself to one for breakfast, guilt-free! A cream-filled donut will burst under the pressure of your overeager first bite and empty its filling all the way down your low-cut V-neck. Save that cream for later and dip some strawberries down there for a light and flavorful dessert. No seconds!



Remember: Dessert Can Be Good For The Soul And Feel Good in your Boobs!

Chocolate is vital for being a woman, and no one says you have to abstain altogether. When one small meal consists of entirely cookies, enough chocolate chips will fall down there to smash together for a treat later on. Many scientists claim that a handful of semi-sweet morsels is the perfect proportion. Who can say no to melty chocolate all over your boobs?


Keep Your Food Storage Space Clean

Some women, when headed to bed, have made the mistake of not clearing out their bra entirely prior to removal. Make sure you’ve smashed your boobs up to your face and hoovered out every crumb before you unhook and release. Put it in the fridge and save it for another day!


You already have a bra full of crumbs; why not use them? Good luck!