Dog Rescue Instagrams To Ovulate To

Every month your body is bum-rushed with urges to procreate, and what better way to divert those feelings than by laser focusing them on adorably depressing animals. Sure, you might want to have kids someday, but you’ve got a lot of “no kid” living left to do! In the meantime, add these pups to your feed until there are enough sad-eyed “babies” to fill the child-sized hole in your heart.



Okay seriously, Lobsters are so cute how could anyone eat them. ???

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This teeny-tiny rescue is looking for a loving home and apparently a whole new wardrobe! You don’t need a tiny reflection of yourself to dress up; you need a tiny Chihuahua to dress up. At least she has your husband’s beautiful, dark eyes! Close enough.



These two pups are having a bit of trouble because their dog momma is on pain pills and can’t nurse them. Hey, maybe you could nurse them! With a bottle. We meant with a bottle.




Look at that sweet face! Ahhhh! You don’t even care that she’s deaf. Think of all the noisy bars you’ll take her to where people will find her lil’ quirk endearing. Everyone will want to pet your quirky little baby! Erm, dog. We meant dog.



(semi-near) #JACKSON, MS: Fall is one of the coziest times of the year and Zoe really hopes she can find a forever home to bury into soon. Please share! *She can be transported!* ✈️? ?We can imagine it now–the smell of pumpkins, cinnamon and autumn leaves in the air, all while snuggling together under a warm blanket. Zoe wants to find a forever human who she can call her very own for this colorful season, and for all of the seasons to follow! Might you be able to give sweet Zoe a comfy and cozy forever home? Zoe is a little over 14 pounds and is able to coexist well with other dogs. Zoe would do well in a variety of lifestyles as she is able to be left alone in the house if you work during the day. She prefers to be given free roam of the home, she is a mature woman who can handle herself and enjoys her freedom. She'll simply keep the couch warm for you until you return. :) Grassroots Animal Rescue​ wrote, "Zoe is an 11 year old #Pug mix who is looking for her forever home. Zoe was found in a rural #Mississippi town wandering around at a gas station. The gas station employees said she had been there all day, and no one knew who she belonged to. One of our foster moms happened to stop for gas, and as soon as she opened her car door, Zoe jumped right in! Zoe had no collar, tags, or microchip, and we were unable to find anyone who knew her. Sadly, we think she was abandoned. The county she was found in has no shelter and dumping dogs is common unfortunately. However, Zoe is not letting that get her down! She's as happy as can be. She likes to be right next to her people, wherever they go–in the car, in the yard, on the couch, in the bed, it doesn't matter. She does not like staying in a crate, but she doesn't bother anything when she's left out all day. She would love to live with a retired person who could stay with her all day, but she doesn't mind if you work–as long as you don't make her stay in a crate! Zoe is potty trained, vaccinated, and heart worm negative. We are a no-kill rescue." To adopt Zoe, please contact Jessica of @gar_starkville by emailing ❤️ #seniordog #pugmix #adoptme

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Old dogs may be even cuter than puppies! That adorable grey muzzle means he needs someone (some saint like yourself) to care for him through his twilight years. Adopting him would be the merciful, loving choice, and so so so much less of a commitment than a baby. Pumpkin!



Book idea: a dog named Maddie who stands on things?

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Theron Humphrey’s dog, Maddie, is a rescued coonhound with a great personality and a talent for balancing. She’s traveled all over to promote her aptly named book, Maddie On Things. It’s hard to imagine a more kind, compassionate thing to do for a dog than to get it a book deal.



Karma is your new favorite pit bull. You followed her journey from being found chained, battered, and dangerously ill to cuddling up with her rescue mommy and daddy. See? You can be a mom to a dog! Motherhood means so much more than birth, so why can’t people open their minds to the possibility of adoption (particularly you adopting) at a distant future time? There’s always time to adopt, right? Right?


It’s clear that any dog can satisfy the maternal feelings you’re having and so much more! Then again, between work and the gym and all the vacations you have planned, who has the time to deal with a dog? Well, you’ll at least throw these rescues a donation every time they make you cry, if you can afford it.