Do You Need A Latte Or A Margarita Right Now, But More Importantly, Why Do You Need This Quiz?

Mondays, right? You know you seriously need a chemical fix, but should it be a foamy cup of joe or a boozy frozen drink? Perhaps the most pressing concern here, however, is that you are using a questionnaire to decide what you put in your body. Who knows! Take this quiz to find out.


1. What song would you most like to listen to right now?

A. “Chain Gang” by Sam Cooke

B. “Celebration” by Kool and The Gang

C. The song I want to listen to is not included on this list.


2. Choose a substance that fits the scientific definition of the word “drug”.

A. Caffeine

B. Alcohol

C. Both fit the definition so choosing seems weird.


3. Which Beyoncé alter ego are you?

A. Sasha Fierce

B. Yoncé

C. What does this have to do with what I want to drink? How much longer is this quiz?



4. What outfit are you most likely to be caught wearing?

A. A suit

B. flirty party dress

C. Pants and a shirt?


5. Which Kanye tweet perfectly describes you?

A. “Sometimes I get emotional over fonts”


C. I’m not a big Twitter person.


6. Where were you most likely to be spotted as a child?

A. The library

B. The ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese’s

C. I didn’t drink lattes or margaritas as a child so I don’t really see the connection?


Mostly A’s: Latte!

You’re always on your grind, so it’s definitely time for some ground coffee bean juice topped with creamy foam! It’s also time to consider why you relied on a quiz to make this choice. You are an adult with a job who should be able to realize whether to drink something stimulating or relaxing. Hopefully, this quiz has been as eye-opening as all that espresso.


Mostly B’s: Margarita!

Your motto is “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere” and you would honestly rather be on a beach right now! You are the life of the party, but regardless, you should be able to figure out whether it’s time for caffeine or alcohol. So as you plug in your blender and salt some rims, meditate on whether you should be consuming alcohol at all.


Mostly C’s: You Don’t Need This Quiz!

You got it! You are a wise cynic who has picked up on the fact that this quiz is completely unnecessary to your decision-making, but more importantly, why would waste your time on a quiz that you thought was stupid? Take our next quiz to find out.