Did He Marry You On a Dare? Get to Know The Warning Signs

Nothing throws off a loving marriage like learning that he married you on a dare. Could you have fallen victim to a mean prank that his friends put him up to back in college? Here’s how to tell if your precious marriage was the result of a bet—just a stupid bet.


He’s Way Hotter Than You.

More than 85% of marriages in which the husband is way hotter than the wife are a result of the husband getting drunk with his stupid friends from college, then getting dared to ask out, “that girl drinking a seltzer alone.”



You Had Glasses and a Ponytail Before You Were Married.

If you used to have thick, librarian glasses and a drab ponytail before you were married and then your fiancé gave you a makeover before he took you to the wedding, there is a one in four chance your marriage is a Pygmalian-style bet that your husband couldn’t turn back from once you became the high fashion model/prom queen you are today.


You’re Married to Playboy Billionaire Jake Richards.

Countless unsuspecting late bloomers married to Jake Richards after a lull in one of his glamorous house parties prompted his friends to dare him to get the virginal girl by the jacuzzi to fall in love with him. Human lives are a toy for Jake Richards, yours included. Don’t fall for the trap!


You’ve Been Described as Inaccessible.

A Harvard University study found that quiet, inaccessible women are more than three times as likely to wind up in marriages in which the spouse agreed to the challenge after a bad breakup with their more popular, more beautiful ex-girlfriend.


He Tells You, “It Started Out as a Bet, but Somehow, Along the Way, I’ve Fallen For You”.

Research indicates that most dare-based marriages end up with the dare-ee falling in love with his victim, refusing the $25,000 prize money, and drinking his regrets away. If your husband tells you he married you because of a bet, there is a very good chance he married you because of a bet. But he learned an important lesson and it all worked out in the end, didn’t it?


No one should have to live in fear that their marriage is an elaborate part of a weird male rivalry. Unless you also married him on a dare, then the jokes on him.