Couples Costumes That Work on Their Own Just in Case Josh Really Screws Up This Weekend

Halloween is a great time to flaunt your super great relationship with an adorable couples costume! You’re super pumped for this year, except for the fact that Josh is really on thin ice right now. Last year he turned Halloween into a waking nightmare with all of his complaints, dumb jokes, and general bad attitude about your Sonny and Cher costume, all while being super drunk. If he pulls that crap again, you better have a plan B couples’ costume that’ll work pretty well on their own:


George Washington and Sexy Benjamin Franklin

Josh LOVES history, especially American history, so this is a pretty solid costume idea. But Josh hasn’t completed his half of the chore chart since April, and you’re not entirely sure this relationship will be on again by the end of the month. Luckily, going alone as Sexy Benjamin Franklin will have all of your friends being like, “Oh my god that’s so original,” and literally no one will ask, “Hey, why isn’t George Washington here?” That person would be crazy! You and Josh are still on, but this costume is a solid hedged bet.



Shaquille O’Neal and Laker Girl

Josh LOVES the Lakers, so dressing up as one of his favorite players while he hilariously dresses up as a perky cheerleader would make him want to cook you breakfast for once in his life. Sure, at first people might wonder why you’re a woman alone dressed as Shaq, but then you can say, “Hey, women can know about sports too, you jerk!” and that person will feel bad. God, Josh was so excited about this one, but if he even thinks about doing that thing where he throws the remote at you and yells “THINK FAST” and then it hits your face again, he’s going to have to THINK FAST about how quickly this relationship is ending and you’re going to this party alone.


The Joker and Sexy Batman

Josh LOVES comics, and you actually agreed with him about the Batman movie being good, so this one was just like DUH of course! No one will even think twice about seeing Gotham’s savior as a strong independent woman. And let’s face it, after Josh asks you if it’s okay if he just hangs out in the car instead of doing the famous Oak Orchard Haunted Hay Ride, he should be just a lonely Joker. If you two break up, he probably won’t even go out for Halloween. He’ll probably just play Xbox with Mike and eat Dominos or something not spooky at all. That’s too sad to even think about. Maybe don’t dump him just yet.



Ugh, Josh is so cute you’ll probably stay with him anyway, but these sure are good costume ideas for if you guys happen to be on the rocks around the 31st.