Cool! Queer Eye Has Added A Sixth Member Whose Whole Thing Is Fire Safety

Watch out, gays – there’s a new Queer Guy in town! On next season of Netflix’s hit reality show, Tan, Karamo, Jonathan, Bobby and Antoni, will be joined by Hakim “Kimi” Zahari.


Kimi is surfer-turned-fireman from Malibu, whose whole deal is just fire safety!


“It’s so important to teach people proper grooming and lifestyle skills,” says Kimi, “And for many of us, fire safety is a big part of that.”


When asked more about his focus, he replied: “I mostly put fire extinguishers in sad men’s homes.”


In yet-to-be-released episodes, Kimi guides people through the basics of fire safety, including checking their smoke alarm batteries and having a fire escape plan in case they try to cook by themselves.


Kimi also shares a bit of history about how he got into fire safety when he was going through a dark time and ended up having to do Fire Marshall training so that his friends could host a circuit party in a warehouse.


“From there, I was hooked!” says a grinning Kimi, who can now spot a fire exit within seconds of entering any space. “I just love fire safety.”



As for the rest of the Fab Five, they’re so happy to have Kimi on the team, despite several jokes made about how he needs to buy more shirts.


“Oh my gord, he’s so gorgeous…we love him!!” said Van Ness.