Bullet Journaling Doesn’t Have To Take Over Your Life, But In This Case It Has, And I Need Help

When I saw my first “bullet journal” I fell in love. The clean, simple designs appealed to my artistic sensibility, and it seemed like a fun and low-pressure way to plan my schedule, track my goals, and record my life. People will tell you that bullet journaling doesn’t have to take over your life, but in my case, bullet journals have consumed my every waking second and I am in dire need of help.


All you need to get started with your own bullet journal is a notebook, a ruler, a couple pens you love to write with, and a few minutes a day—or, if you’re me, every minute of every day. Bullet journaling isn’t supposed to destroy your life, but in my case, it got me fired after yelling “shut the fuck up” to my employer and got me arrested for asking, “what the fuck their problem is.” You see, bullet journaling doesn’t have to change your life forever, but in my case, if you could get in touch with my sister and tell her to come get me, I would be so grateful.


After the initial setup of your bullet journal, it’s easy to make a nightly ritual out of going over what you did that day and looking ahead to what’s next. This can be a nice time to reflect on and be thankful for those simple things we sometimes overlook in our crazy lives, but in case you happen to be me, you might stay awake repeating “check car manual maintenance schedule, check car manual maintenance schedule” over and over, so you don’t forget, until 6:15 AM, which is “wake-up time” and when you’re allowed to pick up my bullet journal again. You see, I haven’t slept since August. I have an aunt in Tucson you could call. I think she would pick up.



Inevitably you’ll make a mistake in your bullet journal, and that’s okay. Yes, it’s in pen, but as you gain experience you’ll learn to go with the flow and not stress over having that perfect index page, unless you’re me, in which case you have lost several friendships and have isolated yourself from your entire community because of your bullet journaling.


My husband left and told me to marry my damn notebooks. If that would solve my problems I’d do it in a second. I am desperate for solutions. Please tell my husband I’m sorry.


What I love about bullet journaling is the sense of control it’s given me over my daily plans and life goals. It is merely a sense for me, though. In reality I am spiraling, and my children don’t speak to me. They come into the room and beg me to put my pens down and to “just be our mom again.” I guarantee you this will not be your experience. Help me. Janice, the girl who cuts my hair, might be an option here. She’s always been nice, I think. Please tell me you have Janice’s number.


Ultimately, bullet journals are what you make of them. Whatever your needs are, you can customize your journal to meet them! None of that is true for me. For some godforsaken reason, bullet journaling will be the death of me.