Bride Asks Bridesmaids To Just Send Over Blank Check

In an effort to cut out the middleman and achieve the wedding of her dreams, bride-to-be Alexandria Binecky has asked her bridesmaids to just cut her a blank check and enjoy the rest of the experience.


“A bride shouldn’t have to discuss every little thing she wants,” smiles Binecky. “All I’m asking for is ONE perfect day, plus the other several hundred days during my engagement when my bridesmaids should be financially and physically available at all times.”


Binecky believes that agreeing to be a bridesmaid is an all-in scenario, financially and otherwise.


“I realized fairly early in my engagement that my bridesmaids didn’t want to make hundreds of purchases for the wedding,” says Binecky. “So I thought, ‘Why don’t they cut me a blank check and I’ll just make the purchases for them?’”


While some praised Binecky’s brazenness, most bridesmaids criticized it.


“You either do a destination wedding or a destination bachelorette party,” bridesmaid Katie Splitt says. “But Alexandria is doing both, plus matching bridesmaid dresses for the rehearsal dinner. Is she out of her fucking mind?”


Binecky doesn’t seem fazed.


“I get that some of my friends are low-income bridesmaids, and I’m absolutely here to help them,” she says. “For example, my sister Cassandra is tight on money right now. Instead of chastising her for accepting an obligation that she wasn’t willing to go into debt for, I simply pointed out her trip to Europe that she had been planning for three years, and wondered aloud if it could be put off until after my day. She was speechless. Clearly she just hadn’t thought of that.”



When asked what he thought of his future wife’s request, Binecky’s fiance, Doug didn’t have much to say, muttering only, “Oh, well, ya know,” between nervous laughs.


“Giving me a blank check is the easiest way to get this done,” Binecky says. “Easiest for me, at least!”


Binecky assures that any leftover funds will be viewed as the women’s wedding presents, and she won’t expect them to give her additional gifts unless they choose to.