BREAKING: This Bitch Just Called You ‘Confident’

This just in: After a very brief interaction, an acquaintance you thought you were friendly with just had the audacity to stop in mid-conversation to say that you’re just so “confident.”


Wow! Fucking bold!


This dig in the guise of a compliment caught you completely off-guard. Apparently going through your normal life as though you deserve to live it, is giving off a shockingly “confident” vibe to those around you.


Is she calling you loud? Maybe she’s saying you slump your shoulders more? Or apologize? What about your actions is reading as so proud or actually a false sense of pride? What the fuck are you to fucking do with this statement?


Seriously, WTF are you supposed to do now?!



Is it the fact that you are too optimistic about your job? Is it that you got a pretty decent haircut this time? Is it your freaking cute dog? Because these are certainly not things you should be acting ashamed of, but sources report that perhaps you should be?


You don’t even feel that fucking confident! In fact, you wish you were more confident. Where is this coming from?


At press time, we received word that this bitch has been going through a rough time right now. Case closed.