Becoming A Mom Made Me Happy, Fulfilled (Though He Did Say He Was Going to Pull Out)

Me Time for Mom:

Becoming a mother is life changing in so many wonderful ways. You’re responsible for your own little miracle now, and nurturing the most beautiful thing in the world; it’s indescribable. The grass is a little greener, the sky bluer. It’s almost as if the morning birds are chirping a special little song, just for you and your baby (though Chris did say he was going to pull out).
I thought my life was great before having a child, but boy was I wrong. B.B. (“Before Baby”), my husband and I would find tiny moments of satisfaction dining at trendy restaurants, taking trips with friends, or sharing bottles of Crystal Head. Now I know that true joy can only be known when looking into the eyes of your baby. But I will say, if you say you’re going to pull out, you should pull out.
Becoming a mother really makes you reexamine your priorities. There just aren’t enough minutes in the day to spend enjoying your happy new family. And my friends are doing well without me. I hear they are good. They went to Madrid.
The only thing on my mind these days though, is the adorable angel I get to call my child. A little slice of heaven that somehow magically shares my genes. Mine and Chris’s. Even if I did technically ask him to pull out that night and he agreed that he would.

When you have a baby you get to watch them learn new things each day. They learn to make sounds and hold up their heads and blow bubbles. It makes you marvel at the wonders of life and the universe. People don’t tell you about the vaginal discharge. There is discharge and it is bloody.
My apologies if I sound a little cranky. I’m just a little worn from keeping up with that darling energy ball that sprang from my loins. I assure you, my love for my baby runs as deep as my Caesarean scar. I love this new family Chris and I have made for ourselves. Though you know, if someone ever tells you to pull out and you say you will, you probably should do so, because having a baby is something two people should probably talk about and plan for, rather than unexpectedly finding themselves having to deal with when they still have many child-bearing years left before them, some of which they may have wanted to use to go out drinking while they still could and maybe to save some money for the inevitable black hole of diaper purchases. That’s all I’m saying.