Aww! Woman Projects Deep-Seated Fear of Abandonment Onto Cat in Cutesy Wittle Voice

In a heartwarming story out of Boston, local woman Julia Heffler has been projecting her fear of abandonment onto her cat, Mr. Meowface, in the cutest wittle voice.


“Oh wittle baby has wittle paw paws and can’t open the door and leave me!” she sang in a sing-songy voice as she made her dinner, unaware she was vocalizing the reverberations of her childhood trauma. “Wittle baby will stay with me fowever and ever.”


Julia has gone to great lengths in projecting her fear of abandonment onto Mr. Meowface, and has even composed entire songs about how he will never, ever leave her..


Other compositions include God Only Knows What I’d Be Without Mr.Meowface, Dream a Little Dream of Mr. Meowface, and Let’s Stay Together, Mr. Meowface, Who Will Never Die.



Many of the central themes of Julia’s cutesy songs are clinginess, an intrinsic need to be remembered and valued, and low self-worth.


“I think it’s totally normal to talk to your cat,” Julia explained, “And I think it’s totally normal to be glad your pet can never ever leave you and will live with you all the time and can’t run away because it’s not allowed outside.”


“You know, unlike my ex, and my dad, and most of my extended family.”


Mr. Meowface, when reached for comment about his sole human caretaker projecting her psychological fears onto him, rubbed the corner of a wall and walked away.