Aw! This Little Girl Wants To Own Something From West Elm When She Grows Up

Nothing is more heartwarming than the sky-high aspirations of a child. That’s why we can’t get enough of nine-year-old Maggie Cline, whose dream for when she grows up is to own something from the high-end furniture store, West Elm.


“Lots of kids want to be a paleontologist or a ballerina,” said Maggie. “But I’m dreaming even bigger. I want to be able to afford a velour, upholstered chaise lounge from West Elm.”


So many women live their whole lives without the slightest chance of owning something from West Elm, but to see a girl in the next generation of women be so ambitious about this collective dream brings us to the verge of tears.


“I’m gonna work really really hard in school so that one day, I can call a piece of West Elm furniture my very own,” said Maggie. “I won’t give up!”


Aw! The innocence of a child who doesn’t understand just how lofty her goals truly are!


Maggie’s parents were initially perplexed when their daughter expressed such a grandiose fantasy. Despite that, they are relentlessly supportive of Maggie’s dream.


“It’s so crazy because you know, when I was her age, all I wanted to do was be a pediatrician when I grew up,” her mother Cindy commented. “I did end up getting to do so, but the thought of ever owning something from West Elm never crossed my mind.”


“My little Maggie is so incredible, I don’t know where she gets it from,” added the doctor.


But Maggie knows that getting a headstart on this ambition can make a world of difference.



“I love West Elm. When I’m older and have my own apartment, I’m going to have a distressed wool rug and maybe like a matching organic washed textured duvet,” Maggie envisioned.


Maybe you will, Maggie. Just maybe you will!