How to Announce Your Pregnancy Without Making It A Whole Big Thing

The holiday season has arrived, and it’s time to interrupt the family meal with your big baby announcement. If you’ve got more than just a turkey in the oven, you don’t want to make the holiday all about you again by making this pregnancy into a whole big “thing,” you know? Here are some tips on making the announcement just a chill, quick conversation…you know, no big deal:


Post it on Facebook first.

Some family members will catch it while they scroll their newsfeeds on their phones trying to distract themselves from this boring holiday. By the time you announce, half of them will already know, so it won’t be a big deal or anything. You can quickly change the conversation to race politics and Christmas plans if you get sick of talking about that thing that’s happening inside your body.


Drop hints throughout the meal.

Just be like, “yeah I’ve been puking very regularly these days,” or, “AA’s not the only reason I’m not drinking tonight!” They’ll be over it by the time you officially drop the bomb and will have already added your pregnancy to the long list of “oopsies” you’ve made.


Draw out the introduction as long as possible.

Use great phrases like, “We weren’t going to bring it up now,” “Let’s not make the night about us,” and, “We didn’t want to overshadow Susan’s engagement, but…” They’ll know you’re not trying to make it a thing.


Just let your already-born child tell them.

Already have a kid lying around? Give her a little note to read right between dinner and dessert when nobody is paying attention. She can barely put together a sentence yet, so it’ll take a while for everyone to understand. By the time they do, they will be super bored from listening to that kid sound out the word, “pregnant.”



Respond to any questions with, “It’s cool I guess, whatever.”

This one is all about the tone. Folks will get the idea that you’re pretty indifferent about the whole ordeal. Plus, you won’t even have to get any of their feedback about the conception itself.


Congratulations, you’re all ready to give your fam the big news! But maybe not ready to be a parent. It’s cool, you’re not going to make a big thing about it this time around.