Amazing Ways Face Serum Will Change Your Skin…Maybe? Do You See a Difference?

Move over moisturizers: There’s a new skincare tool in town, and it comes with a dropper. That’s right—we’re talking about serums! Here all the ways these highly concentrated formulas enrich and moisturize your skin, at least we’re pretty sure. Honestly we can’t really tell. Can you? Do you see a difference? Anything?


Make Pores Look Smaller, We Think?

A regular use of a serum can alter the appearance of skin so that your pores look smaller. Think it’s too good to be true? We have the same question. Maybe your pores have gotten smaller. Or maybe they’re the same but you’re standing in better light? With serums it’s pretty hard to tell. What do you think?


Firmer, Smoother Skin – Can You See Anything?

Are we saying that serums can make aging skin look younger? We think so! The vitamin formula is known to firm and smooth skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and other unpleasant textures. Or at least, that’s what we think is going on here. If you take a picture of your face every day, you might be able to tell a difference, or maybe it’s just that some of the photos are being taken in better light? Or just on your good side? Can you let us know when you find out?




Serums may be thinner than conventional moisturizers, but they do the same job only better. At least that’s what it said on the package. You’re definitely going to want to trade your heavy face cream in for a vial of small, expensive serum, unless you actually don’t think your skin looks better now? How do they even track progress in skin? No, you’re just psyching yourself out. Your skin absolutely looks healthier, you think. Maybe?? Fuck.


Serums are a no-brainer, if by no-brainer you mean “a grand medical mystery that can never be answered by us, or anyone we know.” Using these serums will get you some incredible results, or at least will make you think so??