Amazing! This Person Lives a Whole Day Before Their Partner Even Remotely Wakes Up

While 31-year-olds Jenna Gonzalez and Shea Summers have lived together for over three years, Shea amazingly manages to live a full, rewarding day before Jenna even begins to wake up in the morning.


“I guess I’m kind of a morning person,” says Shea. “So I get up around 5:30, have coffee, work out, check the news, and have a late breakfast while catching up with my favorite shows – all before getting ready for work. That’s right around when Jenna ignores her first alarm.”


Wow! We had no idea how much time was in a day before 10 am!


Jenna, who tends to frantically jump out of bed on the third alarm and rushing to her computer within minutes of her first Zoom meeting of the day, is befuddled by the mysterious double-life her girlfriend leads.


“I just have no idea how she does it,” says Jenna. “Shea and I go to bed around the exact same time. Why can’t I be more like this? But also – why would I want to?”



We have no idea, Jenna! But we know you’re missing out on an entire mini-lifetime your girlfriend is living without you!


By the time Jenna has finished her first cup of coffee of the day, Shea is thinking about making dinner and planning her goals for tomorrow morning.


We stan a couple with completely independent lives, whether they really choose to or not!