‘ACAB!’ Tweets Woman Who Identified as ‘Cuomosexual’ a Month Ago

In a stunning turn of events that speak loudly to the fact that nothing means anything, New York resident Nora Connery has tweeted “ACAB!” after identifying as “Cuomosexual” a mere month ago.


“When I was 11, I turned 13 because fuck 12!” says Connery, who four short weeks ago was unquestioningly sharing her view that Governor Andrew Cuomo “can get it”, and “should be president”.


But while Connery seems enthusiastic with her regurgitation of pithy anti-police sentiments, some have questioned the deeper meaning behind her statements.


“Cuomo’s mishandling of covid is partly responsible for its disproportionate spread in Black and brown communities, and the neglect of incarcerated people in situations that prohibited social distancing and other preventative measures,” says a former Twitter follower of Connery, Jennifer Sanchez. “Also, Cuomo has been defending police and blatantly lying about brutality against protestors.”


“Maybe Nora has gotten more information and changed her mind on some of these issues, but it doesn’t really seem like she’s seeing how it all connects,” Sanchez added.



However, despite such criticisms, Connery remains undeterred in her quest to say vague bad things about cops without explaining why she feels that way or what actions she actually does support.


“Fascist pigs!” says Connery less than a full moon cycle after uncritically stanning the mayor in charge of them. “NYPD take a knee! But also suck my dick.”


At this time, Connery remains on the fence with regard to defunding.