8 Quick and Easy Sex Prep Ideas to Simplify Your Week

We’d all like to have fulfilling, well-prepared sex every night of the week. But getting ready to have sex takes a lot out of us—laying out the tools, undressing, turning down the sheets…the list goes on! Here are 12 sex prep ideas you can do at the beginning of the week so you can be ready to go for that good sex, fast!


Portion Out Your Lube at the Start of the Week

Getting the lube out of your bedside table in the dark, then squirting out the exact right amount before rubbing it on your genitals can take up a lot of time and really put a buzzkill on your lovemaking. And don’t even get us started on the mess, which could take up to seven minutes to clean up! Who has time for that? Try squirting the portion size you like into a few tiny Tupperwares or jars on a Sunday afternoon, making sure to write today’s date on top. Or better yet, you can freeze the lube in an ice cube tray and pop one lube cube into your vag to give you a sexy jolt and melt out for easy scheduled sex during your allotted sex window. Voilà, lube cubes!


Wipe Your Man Down with Baby Wipes

Does your man smell a little ripe at the end of the day, but you know you’ll fall asleep if he takes the shower? Keep a container of baby wipes handy anywhere you have sex. Stick a canister in your bedside table, your glove compartment, even underneath the kitchen sink so you don’t get slowed down by everyday messes. One quick swipe on his member and you’ll be ready to go! Alternatively, if your man is bad at post-sex hygiene, you can wipe him down after each use. Sex is fun when you plan ahead!


Tote Your Tools

Keep your sex toys and romantic paraphernalia handy in an easy-to-carry caddy. You won’t waste time running around the room to collect your vibrator, scented candles and anal beads. If you have sex in multiple rooms of the house, consider creating two or more caddies, one for each floor. That way you’re never exhausted from running up a flight of stairs right before you do the deed.


Figure out One Move that You’re Good at and Write It on a Chalkboard Wall

Many of us waste a lot of time trying out different sexual techniques that are uncomfortable or we just can’t master. Find the one position that works for your man and get into it right as he enters the room. Worried you’ll forget what that move is? Just paint a small area on an accent wall with chalkboard paint and write it down as a handy reminder. Now sex is a cinch and you’ll never waste time moving around on the bed again. Bonus: When you’ve got a routine, he’ll know exactly what to do, even with the lights off.



Wear Easy-to-Remove Clothing

We’ve seen it in all the movies. A couple is fumbling at each other’s belts and the passion is instantly gone! Remove all that awkward and tedious clothing removal by wearing garments that resemble hospital gowns or scrubs. We recommend the tunics at Coldwater Creek—chic and easily torn off!


Pre-Disassemble Condoms

Everyone who’s ever used a condom has said “fuck, hurry up” in their head while it was being taken out of its wrapper. Pre-open all your condoms and store them neatly in a clear plastic container, so that you can see when your supply’s getting low. You’re a busy woman who doesn’t have time to wait for that D!


Conquer Clutter

Sex can take a long time when you’re moving around piles of clothing and tripping over shoes. Keep a clean bedroom (or sex dungeon) so that you can get to the goods (each other!) quickly. It’s a snap!


We all love sex, but working the whole sexual routine into your day is hard. Simplify with these steps!