5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Ethnicity

That Hat

If you belong to a particular ethnicity or race, it’s important that you show it, loudly and proudly. After all, it’s who you ARE. In order to better relate to generalized experiences of your own ethnic group, here are some quick tips to make the most of your ethnicity.


1. Try a fun hat.
Some people will choose to ignore it, as if you’re just another person wearing a hat. But others will do a double-take. They’ll take a peek under that hat just to guess if you’re Honduran, White or Japanese. In the end, they’ll nod knowingly at the appropriateness or whimsical contrast of your accessory and your ethnicity. This will drive your ethnicity home with a nice double-whammy of culture and identity.


2. Start a dance-based workout routine based on your ethnicity.
The ambiguity and appropriation will really allow you to transform your workout into the cultural experience you’ve been searching for. You’re a person of a specific culture, which makes you comfortable exploring other cultures.


3. Get a Google alert.
When your ancestors or self-identified ethnic group are making the news, you should know about it! Then you can share your new knowledge with friends and acquaintances, further assuring them that you’re proud of your heritage.



4. Take a probiotic.
You’ve seen the commercials and they work for all types of people, including you! Plus, with increased regularity, you can focus on what’s more important—Being a relatable person with an ethnicity.


5. Change your bank password.
There’s no better way to feel more secure in who you are than to feel secure in your online financing. Plus you can choose a password reminiscent of your ethnicity, reminding you what a responsible so-and-so  you are, every time you login!


Whatever your ethnicity, you deserve to be proud of it. After all, not everyone is as much that ethnicity as you are. So make the most of it by integrating it into as many areas of your life as possible!