5 Shows That Are Not Feminist, Nothing Is Feminist, Please Don’t Send Me To The Red Center

It’s a golden era of television, with many previously untold stories unfolding on our screens. Yes, there are lots of women on television these days, but can we stop calling all these shows feminist? After all, they’re really all just human stories, and feminism doesn’t exist anymore. Men and women are in their rightful places, as God intended. There, is that good? Please don’t send me to the Red Center.


Jane The Virgin

The hilarious telenovela isn’t feminist, it’s just a good story. I renounce feminism. I don’t even know what a good story is, I’m just a woman. Don’t make me become a vessel for procreation, and spare me from Aunt Lydia’s cattle prod. Praise be!!


Jessica Jones

The Marvel show might star a woman, but that doesn’t mean it’s just for women, or for people who identify as feminists. Anyone can watch; the Commander who has sex with you so you can provide a baby to him and his wife; one of the Marthas; the man who is always watching to make sure you are pious. Blessed be the fruit.


Broad City

Does a depiction of female friendship have to be feminist? To me, anyone can appreciate Abbi and Ilana’s hilarious antics, regardless of politics. I swear, I don’t believe in feminism – please allow me to keep both of my eyes!!


Inside Amy Schumer

Anyone can laugh at the comedy of Inside Amy Schumer, not just people who identify as feminists. After all, all the people who identify as feminists were sent to the Colonies years ago. They were traitors. I’m not one of them, I swear. Please let me keep my family and I promise I’ll stop with this basic critique of pop culture!!



Orange Is The New Black

The Netflix series might depict many women’s stories and issues, but it is not pushing a feminist agenda. There is no feminist agenda. Feminism is dead. Feminism is dead. Feminism is dead. Feminism is dead. Feminism is dead. Anything else you need me to say?


See, none of these shows are feminist because they’re all just good stories about real people and also nothing is or has ever been feminist. Please don’t make me go to the Red Center, I’ll say anything you want. Under His Eye.