5 Self-Tanners to Huff for a Mental Vacation

Tanning lotion isn’t just for faking a luxurious vacation! You can just as easily hallucinate a luxurious vacation with a quick huff-huff of your bottle of tanning spray. Skip the airport, the plane, the car, the sun, and the beach and try huffing one of our favorite tanners for your next vacation instead:


Montauk Mist (Ulta, $49.99)

Close your eyes and let a golden Hamptons sunset burst into your peripheral vision from the comfort of your own living room. Inhale twice and you’re invited to all the good parties. Fight through the burn and you can even hallucinate a pair of flattering white pants!


Glow Nude (CVS, $19.99)

Your body temperature will rise rapidly as your brain activity escalates. Goodbye cubicle, hello topless beaches of Barcelona! Don’t let the dizziness stop you from taking a walk down the shores of the Seventh Floor. We guarantee your company’s CEO will appreciate your open mind and physical inability to complain about the all-night meeting!


Australian, Actually (Walmart, $29.99)

30 seconds with this Down Under product and your bathroom rug will turn into the world’s softest koala. Spend a cozy afternoon bonding with your new rainforest friends. When you do eventually black in, you’ll be right near the shower. Tropical!



Color Me Cabo (Marshalls, $12.95)

Snag this trashy tanner from a spring breaker and head to Mexico in your mind. Doesn’t matter if you don’t know Spanish! Huffing kills brain cells that will never regenerate.


Tiesto At Ibiza (Sephora, $79.99)

Take a relaxing dip in the salty sea of your own night sweats, whenever you feel like it. You may have to inhale for a full minute, but you can recreate the sensation of being at an Ibizan nightclub without all the drama of international travel or hanging out with Leonardo DiCaprio.


Thanks to former Intern Meagan, who had to move back in with her parents since discovering this sweet phenomenon. We hope you’re still hanging ten in Boise, Meg!