5 Reasons to Monogram Your Baby

Everyone knows the two secrets to motherhood are taking care of your child and being a style icon. Luckily, there’s a new trend that helps you do both. Mothers everywhere have started to monogram their babies’ foreheads, and here’s why you should be doing this too:


Identifying Your Child

Once you monogram your baby, your child will be easy to identify in a group of other babies. It’s easy to take your kid to playgroup and lose him/her in a sea of infants. How are you supposed to tell which one is yours when they all look the same? If your baby has a pink EKM on her forehead, it’s easy to pick her out in a crowd will be simple, so long as another baby is not monogrammed with the same initials.



We live in an age where personal branding is the key to success. What better way to stand out than through your baby? Choosing the font and color when monogramming your baby’s head will help her develop a unique personality, which will eventually be a great networking tool. It’s absolutely impossible to ignore, because they’re letters on a human face!


Branding (Like, the Other Kind)

If you’re squeamish about it, don’t worry. Physical branding’s been happening for centuries! In the olden days, we would brand animals that are our property so everyone would know they were ours. Why are our kids different? This is a surefire way to make sure that no matter what, your child belongs to you. The older they get, the more they may resent you for putting your initials on their forehead; but always remember: they are your property and you own them forever.



It Will Match Your Diaper Bag

One of the joys of pregnancy is your trendy paisley diaper bag with your initials monogrammed in mint green thread. There is just one problem with this bag: you don’t have anything that matches with it. With your monogrammed baby, you will finally have a cohesive ensemble that’ll make everyone go ga-ga!


There’s Nothing Left To Monogram

Face it: you’ve monogrammed everything from your towels to your pillows to your jackets. You have an addiction, and there is no pumping the breaks. Your child should be lucky to be monogrammed by you! You are the monogramming queen and you will not stop until everything you touch has your initials in cursive all over it.


Monogramming is a classic that is always in style, so it’s time you monogram what means the most to you, your kids! After all, nothing says, “I created you” like a permanent label on their forehead.