5 Mug Cakes That Taste Like the Last Thing You Put in the Microwave

There’s nothing like an easy 10-minute dessert all from the convenience of your microwave. These cakes are easy, tasty, and smell a little weird. So enjoy these five mug cakes that will take just like the last thing you microwaved. Yum!


Vanilla Confetti Mug Cake

This classic vanilla cake invites a warm buttery taste all in the simple comfort in a mug. This is perfect for a post birthday treat; it will still taste like the Italian takeout you drunkenly reheated at 3 am. So, enjoy the flavors of a bowl of pasta while eating a soft semi raw mug cake. Buon appetito!



Strawberry Shortcake

Want something light and fruity? This strawberry shortcake tastes like a country picnic in a park. But God, your microwave still retains every memory of a reheated dollar slice and panang curry when you were high last night. Maybe cheese pizza and spices could actually compliment the creaminess of this dish? Both are a little pink and a little slimy. At the very least this might convince you to give your microwave a little scrub!


Breakfast Oatmeal Mug Cake

Who said you can’t eat cake for breakfast? How about with a breakfast oatmeal mug cake with the essence of leftover orange chicken still lingering in your microwave? If you wanted to make this a full breakfast you can reheat a cup of coffee alongside to really wake you up and add even more flavor to your funky microwave. You really need to wash that thing out.


Chocolate Chip Mug Cake

Rich and delicious, this will be your go to late night snack. And look, we get that you love spinach dip while catching up your shows, but maybe not right before you make this mug cake. What happens when you put two epic flavors together? You get this mug cake and a 45-minute trip to the bathroom. Please clean your microwave because the stench of the spinach dip is inhumane.


Blueberry Lemon Mug Cake

The fresh blueberries in this mug cake are BERRY delightful! Damn, why does your microwave smell like that? Oh it’s that casserole you abandoned overnight when you passed out before you could eat it. You just let your microwave absorb everything that enters it. Hate to break it to you, but your microwave is ran through.


A cake in a mug is like having a yacht in a pond: extravagant yet modest. Who said that mug cakes have to be basic? They are a tasty way for us to test the limits of our microwaves. Unfortunately, no one has lain as little as a wet wipe in that thing for years. Good thing that killer chicken soup your roommate made exploded in the microwave, because now everything can taste a little like broth. Happy baking!