5 Accent Walls That Remind Us Of That Hot Australian Guy From Study Abroad

An accent wall is a simple way to give your room a little something extra. Plus, they’ll always remind us of the sexy accent of that hot Australian guy we met while studying abroad. Remember, from our girls’ weekend in Prague? What was his name? Brock? Brett? Let’s go with Brent. He was totally unforgettable—just like your living room will be if you paint one and only one wall. Travel teaches us to live spontaneously, to trust ourselves, and to shamelessly throw ourselves at strangers with any hint of an accent whatsoever. Here are 5 accent walls that have us dying about how we made Brent say “G’day, mate!” for us six times in a row.


Soothing Blue Accent Wall

Nothing gives an air of calm like a cool, blue accent wall. Nothing, that is, besides the way Brent said, “Is this your first time in Prague?” Sigh. “Praaague.” “Laydees.” Who was this hot loner babe who was totally staying at HELLOCOOL! Hostel with us? And what inspired him to approach our gaggle to “bahrow” a “beer”? The only possible answer is fate. Staring into this wall’s profound blueness, we can’t help but reminisce about Brent’s sexy Aussie lingo.



World Map Accent Wall

This wall perfectly demonstrates how fucking far Australia is from Prague. Brent was so wild and adventurous. You’ll never forget the moment Brent smiled and told us he was a “professional wanderer”. So wise—why doesn’t everybody just spend all their time traveling? He’d been backpacking around Europe for six months and came to Prague for the weekend on a whim. No friends, just a backpack and a sense of adventure. It was in that moment that we, as a squad, acknowledged a profound truth: We all wanted Brent’s (presumably) thick Australian D. Slap a big world map on one side of your living room and you’ll undoubtedly experience the same relentless thirst we did.


Dark Accent Wall

A dark accent wall is a bold statement—as is a dark v-neck, like the one Brent wore on our second day in Prague. As we watched his chest hair cloying its way out, we were dying for Brent’s Joey to hop into our pouches. And it was that day in the HELLOCOOL! Hostel lobby that Brent said, “You girls want to go to this five story discotech tonight? I got a bunch of unmarked pills from this guy I found online and I think you should all take ‘em with me.” And we were like, keep speaking with that accent and we’ll do whatever you want, Brent! Europe is so amazing. Embrace the night, and that night with this dark, sexy wall.


Wood Accent Wall

Want to daydream about the realness brought out by that third round of Fireball Brent bought for us? This fun, wood panel accent wall is perfect for you. We toasted to being our truest selves, no matter what. Travel brings that out in you. Then Brent dared all of us girls to kiss each other. In the spirit of new experiences, we all made out in the club while Brent took pictures! Such an authentic Czech experience. As authentic as the balsam wood covering one wall of your future living room. Oh, Brent.



Chalkboard Accent Wall

A chalkboard accent wall is pretty zany—certainly not for the unadventurous! Brent was always looking for the next adventure. For instance, the morning after our wild night out with Brent, we woke up and he was gone! Off to Budapest or Kiev or somewhere amazing like that. No note, but we knew he was gone for good because he stole all our cash and Amanda’s credit card. Brent, so sneaky and resourceful! At first we were all, “WTF, Brent? We thought we had a meaningful friendship and also like three of us gave you hand jobs?” But then we erased our anger like chalk on a chalkboard accent wall. We realized that Brent was just living his authentic self: a hot, foreign crook who maxed out Amanda’s dad’s black card. Travel just brings out a totally other side of you, just like the creativity this chalkboard wall will bring out in you.


Study abroad always comes to an end, but the memories of it never have to. Simply make one wall in your house different than the other walls, and you’ll be swept right back into the arms of your hot Australian guy from study abroad. Stare into any one of these accent walls and you’ll find yourself saying, “God, Brent’s voice was so hot.”