4 Terms of Endearment That Are Disgusting Unless an Italian Guy Is Saying Them

A lot of men feel entitled to calling women infantilizing or otherwise overfamiliar pet names. It’s disempowering, unsolicited, and also gross! We’ve probably all heard these four terms of endearment that are absolutely disgusting unless, of course, an Italian guy is saying them at the time.



A classic: The unwelcome “baby” from a man who has no right or permission to address you as such. It’s sexist and demeaning to be called by romantically coded pet names whereas men get referred to as “boss” or “el capitan”. It’s unacceptable for any strange man to call you baby, unless of course, it’s a lovesick and passionate Italian calling out to you, “Baby! Just seeing you is breaking my Italian heart, which has extra blood in it, by the way. Please, come and mother my children.” To that? No notes.



Simply referring to a woman as an adjective is reductive and uncomfortable. When a stranger does it, it’s annoying. When a partner does it, it’s cringe. When a swarthy, fast-talking Italian in a tight white tank top, chain and cross glimmering from beneath his illustrious chest hair says it? Well, that’s heaven. Someone call the American Italian Anti-Defamation League because they will confirm that everything we’re saying is true.



If a man of not-Italian experience says this to you? Foul! If an Italian guy doesn’t call you bella? Well, we’re so sorry for your loss.




Sugartits is probably the most disgusting and demeaning term of endearment anyone could call a woman if they’re not an Italian of course. Get an Italian calling you sugartits and suddenly you’re floating on a Venetian gondola, not a care in the world. This is living.


So if you’re a man, steer clear of these four terms at all costs, cause no one wants to hear it, pal! But if you’re an Italian, just keep doing your thing; we love it. You guys do need to cool it on Columbus, though. Ciao, B*lla!