4 Perfect Destination Weddings and How Your Sister Diane Will Find a Way to Ruin Them

Thinking about the perfect destination wedding? Lots of brides are opting to make their wedding special by adding the unique atmosphere of an exotic locale. Here’s a list of some of the hottest destinations that will turn your wedding into an event to remember – because your sister Diane will find a way to ruin it for everyone.



The perpetual destination for lovers of all stripes, Hawaii is the perfect place to tie the knot and give your friends and family a beautiful, sun-drenched holiday at the same time. Careful, though: Diane burns easily, but “doesn’t like the smell of sunblock,” so budget time for a trip to the ER to seek treatment for her severe sun poisoning. Make sure those bridesmaids dresses aren’t pink!



Known for its majestic glaciers and sprawling mountains, Alaska will take your breath away. Group outings are a great way to let the wedding party bond before the big event: Diane will have researched every gruesome ice-climbing accident that’s occurred and will describe each one in painstaking detail as everyone ascends the glacier. And if you think she won’t sprain her ankle and ask to be carried down right before you all reach the summit, you’re underestimating Diane!


costa rica

Costa Rica:
The Costa Rican rainforests host some of the most beautiful and exotic scenery in the world. Enjoy breathtaking views while zip lining across the forest canopy to have your reception on the forest floor, surrounded by a rainbow of natural beauty. Diane will suddenly be afraid she’ll get malaria, and when you remind her that malaria is prevalent in Africa, not Costa Rica, she will exclaim that you’re lying just to keep everyone calm so that you can get married. If only you had Internet access in the rainforest, you could show her but I guess it’s your word against hers at this point and she won’t come out of her little mosquito-netted hut for the rest of the weekend. Cool, Diane.



Tower bridge in London at night

The fog, the towers, the Union Jack—nothing says fun and sophisticated like a wedding in Old London Town. Tour the city in a double-decker bus, take wedding pics with the guards at Buckingham Palace, and have a fun fish-and-chips rehearsal dinner as Diane recounts the story of her college boyfriend from Manchester who cheated on her with her roommate in her maid-of-honor speech! Cheers!


Wherever you say “I do,” remember that this is your special day; no matter where you tie the knot, no one’s negativity can overshadow the moment when you take each other’s hands, look into each other’s eyes and see Diane in your periphery, puking into the flower arrangement by the altar.