4 Heartwarming Holiday Films That Also Happen to Have Really Hot and Supportive Dads in Them

Nothing brings people together during the holidays like a great film. But, deciding which movie to watch can be tough: You want to choose something that pleases everyone, but also you want there to be a hunky, reliable male lead to fantasize about being in your life. Thankfully, we’ve found some heartfelt holiday flicks that you can enjoy with your fam where it so happens that one of the characters is a hot, hot dad who is also super supportive. So, secure your favorite spot on the couch and get ready to bond while you watch these sexy father figures spread holiday joy!


The Holiday

In this 2006 flick, Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz swap homes for the holidays in order to escape their unlucky lives and end up meeting two dreamy dudes who sweep them off their feet. One of these hunks, Jude Law, plays a widower who, in a sexy twist, turns out to love fostering healthy relationships with his young daughters as much as he loves woo-ing a beautiful woman in need of some holiday spirit. Pip-pip to that!


It’s A Wonderful Life

Could there be a more classic Christmas movie? In Frank Capra’s timeless film, Jimmy Stewart plays George Bailey, a handsome father who is about to end it all until a long flashback shows him all the good he’s done in the world. With a brood of adorable children, a hot scene about the moon, and a commitment to doing the right thing, George is literally the ultimate Christmas daddy!


The Family Stone

An underrated Christmas hit, The Family Stone is about Sarah Jessica Parker trying to fit in with a tight-knit yet pretty dysfunctional family during the holidays. With a star-studded cast, no one shines as bright as the Stone patriarch played by Craig T. Nelson. Not only does Papa Stone fight to protect the ones he loves, he also has long sexy, long silver hair that is reminiscent of an aging rock star or a mysterious sea captain in a way that’s deeply comforting but also turns you on!



Love Actually

As one of the most popular holiday films of all time, it makes sense that Love Actually would have more than one mega-hot dad in its cast. But no one is as sexy and as supportive as Liam Neeson’s Daniel who, in the wake of his wife’s passing, must raise his stepson Sam alone. Not only is this newly-single dad easy on the eyes, he also convinces his young son to chase after the love of his life and furthers the romantic fantasies that make the entire movie possible. What a man!


Next time it’s your turn to choose the movie, be sure to pick one of these handsome daddy-fueled flicks. Don’t worry what that says about you, just sit back, relax, and enjoy gazing at those hot and responsible dads!