4 Gorgeous Rings To Get Stuck On Your Swollen Fingers This Summer

This summer is all about simple, breezy outfits punched up with a few gorgeous rings perfect for all your summer adventures, from sailing with your honey to dancing at rooftop parties. In fact, these rings are so great that you won’t take them off until October because they’ll be stuck on your hot, swollen fingers all summer long!


Geometer Ring Set (Anthropologie, $48)1.GeomteterRingSet

Nothing says “effortlessly chic” like stacking teensy rings on your fingers. This Geometer Ring Set is perfect for barbecues, casual picnics in the park, screen on the green nights, and just about every summer outdoor activity you can imagine! Not that you have a choice, because these rings will be engulfed by your fat, sweaty fingers. Maybe try a size up next year?





Rose Gold Marquise Ring Set (Luvaj, $115)2.RoseGoldMarquiseRingSet

The price for this rose gold set is steep, but you get a lot of bang for your buck:
four regular rings and two midi rings, perfect for stacking, layering, and struggling to yank off until your knuckles bleed! These rings is that they are so dainty and delicate that no one will notice how puffy and ballooned your fingers have gotten since May!





Lana Text Signet Ring (Sarah Chloe, $108) 3.LanaTextSignetRing

This signet ring is gorgeous, but choose the finger you’re wearing it on wisely because once you put it on, it’s there for good. So ladies, wear your name with pride this summer, because it’s not coming off those sausage fingers until the fall unless you’ve got a saw.






From St Xavier Kato Ring (Nasty Gal, $45)4.FromStXavierKatoRing

Rock this purple ring with a sexy black dress for a weekend cocktail party and then rock it again in your polk
a dot pajamas in the morning because it’ll definitely still be stuck on your finger when you wake up. It’s cutting off circulation! You might have to amputate!






They say when you really love something, you never want to take it off. That couldn’t be more true for rings this summer season, so enjoy rocking them on your sweaty, bulging fingies until fall!