4 Cute Shrugs to Give After Explaining That Guy Is a Predator

It’s always uncomfortable being the bearer of bad news, particularly when the bad news is that the guy that your friend just eyed is a predator. Eek! Fortunately, you can show your friend that you’re totally chill about it by adding one of these cute shrugs post-explanation. Yeah, that guy is dangerous—but that adorable shrug is proof that it’s no big deal, haha.


The One-Shoulder Shrug

When it comes to sharing information about dangerous men, it can feel scary and vulnerable to say it aloud—but in the interest of protecting fellow women, you can split the difference by adding an adorable one-shoulder shrug when you’re done. This cute shrug says, “Trauma? What’s that?” while lightly closing the door to the situation so you don’t seem too emphatic to say that this guy ruins lives. Now that would be a disaster!


The Shrug-Laugh Combo

Nothing says, “I AM QUITE HEALTHY, HA HA HA” like a carefree laugh/shrug after an extremely careful retelling of that guy’s crimes against women. You don’t want to make it seem like you’re still afraid of him, which is why this cheerful shrug is perfect. You’re just a happy-go-lucky woman who feels sick to her stomach every time she sees this guy—and you don’t care who knows! (Except him. This really can’t get back to him.)


The Reverse Shrug

When the experience of telling your friend that guy has two restraining orders against him is too stressful, you’ll find that tension will creep into your shoulders until you’re feverishly whispering in a hunchback position. Punctuate your retelling with a reverse shrug, adorably releasing your shoulders down to their normal position, as if to say, “It’s like I never told you and this never happened and finally, perhaps, I can find peace.” It’s like, whatever!!



A Shudder

After you point out that guy as a predator, you might find yourself shuddering, which is really just an involuntary shrug. This is your body telling you to shake out of sheer terror of remembering what you saw that guy do to at least three of your friends. Aren’t you just a darling? Punctuating your story with a shudder is a great way to communicate to your friend that the very sight of this man has ruined your night in a pretty chill way. Isn’t it so fun that life is like this?


When you feel a responsibility to tell a fellow woman that guy is a predator, don’t fret about being “too intense” or “too gossipy” or “too obviously traumatized.” Just throw in one of these cute shrugs, and you’ll seem totally fine!