3 Great Sibling Tattoo Ideas if You Want to Experience Trauma Together in Adulthood Too

Sibling tattoos are an amazing way for you and your siblings to celebrate the bond you share. They’re especially powerful if that bond is entirely trauma-based, as you all likely crave a certain degree of suffering. Check out these three group tattoo ideas that won’t just help you and your siblings commemorate the joint trauma you experienced in childhood, but also relive it now as adults!


Roman Numerals

This group tattoo is perfect if you and your siblings want a sweet way to commemorate the order you were born. Although relatively quick and painless, by getting this tattoo you’re condemning yourself to a lifetime of explaining that your tattoo means you’re the third of five siblings and they made you get it with them, and that’s traumatic in and of itself. Godspeed!



Something Written in Your Dad’s Handwriting

If you want to relive the trauma your dad doled out when you and your siblings were children, this one’s for you! Your dad’s not dead yet, but this way you can get a head start on remembering all the ways he hurt your feelings when you were little. Bonus points if you make the tattoo something fucked up he sent in the family group chat recently.


Matching Full Sleeves

An untraditional choice for a sibling tattoo, but if you can get your siblings on board, this one’s great for experiencing thousands of excruciating needle-pricks of pain over the course of several months. If this one doesn’t speak to you, you could also get exact replicas of Ben Affleck’s big ass phoenix back tattoo. Either way, you and your siblings will find yourselves closer than ever before, while simultaneously nursing your perpetually raw skin. Hard times only serve to bring us closer together, right?


The bond you and your siblings share is special – treat it as such by immortalizing it with one of these sibling tattoo ideas. Your childhood may be over, but that doesn’t mean your joint trauma has to be!